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Posted by Jean Ichbiah , Sat, Oct 07, 2000, 15:28:24 Reply Top Forum

Karen asked:

By the way, is there a way to move the selections in the Words section so that they appear in a different order? I noted that the Phrases section does allow "move" to change the order of selection; but, I couldn't move the selections under Words in the Glossary viewer.
What Instant Text calls Words has no equivalent in other expansion programs and the closest analogy is that of wildcards. Entries in the Word section have no predefined short code, which is why they are just listed with the initial letter. Matching is done dynamically as you type, just as when you use a query system that allows wildcards.

Assume you hear the doctor say (with an accent much thicker than mine :) something that sounds like e-mumble-mumble-tomy... In most query systems that allow wildcards you would type e* tomy. With Instant Text, it is even simpler. You just type etomy and this is what you may get in the Word advisory:

So if s/he said the fourth one, you may now recognize it and enter it with "4;". If this is a word that is used all the time, chances are that you would have memorized an abbreviation for it and put it in the "Phrase" section of the glossary. On the other hand, the Word section wildcards work very well for these words that are long enough to be painful but not common enough to be worth remembering a code.

Another example is when you hear the word correctly but want to use an intelligent shortening - intelligent, because it requires less effort in typing and no memorizing - as in e* scopy

Often, the Word advisory will save you a 2-minute trip to the dictionary: of course you know the word, but how many r's and where is the "h"? So you can type caps

Or you can go phonetically, using the key consonants: cplx

To summarize, Words offer a powerful wildcard facility. Being wildcards, they have no predefined abbreviation and therefore there is not much use in ordering or reordering them.

Phrases correspond to what other expansion programs offer and Words are actually a bonus. Of course, some people are confused by getting an unexpected bonus, just as you would undoubtedly be confused if you won the Megabucks, not knowing what to do with it :)

Jean Ichbiah

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