Dom Perignon III — Quadrathlon Corner

Several contenders submitted entries with more than one method and the results they obtained are shown below.

Kevin Huang

Method Time WPM Participant
Treo Thumboard 31.09s 77.19 Kevin Huang
FitalyStamp 37.53s 63.94 Kevin Huang

Patrick Yam

Method Time WPM Participant
FitalyStamp 32.63s 73.55 Patrick Yam
Atomik Palm 33.55s 71.53 Patrick Yam
MessagEaseST 50.32s 47.69 Patrick Yam

Richard Owens

Method Time WPM Participant
Fitaly PPC 39.05s 61.45 Richard Owens
SPB PPC thumboard 48.86s 49.12 Richard Owens
Qwerty PPC 69.94s 34.31 Richard Owens
Transcriber PPC 108.18s 22.19 Richard Owens


Method Time WPM Participant
Fitaly PPC 39.59s 60.62 Palmsolo
MessagEaseST 96.12s 24.96 Palmsolo

Will Lau

Method Time WPM Participant
Fitaly Palm 46.07s 52.09 Will Lau
Treo Thumboard 46.75s 51.33 Will Lau

Walter Mitty

Method Time WPM Participant
Fitaly PPC 61.57s 38.98 Walter Mitty
Block Recognizer 105.19s 22.81 Walter Mitty
Qwerty PPC 86.41s 27.77 Walter Mitty
Calligrapher 99.24s 24.18 Walter Mitty

It is difficult to derive any conclusion on comparing method from these few examples. Some of the differences may reflect the relative speeds of methods. On the other hand, they may also reflect different degrees of familiarity with the methods.

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