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Textware Fitaly 5
by Tanker Bob,
September 2008

Fitaly 5.0 brings several innovations to the table beyond version 4. Most prominently, it incorporates a version of Instant Text, which Textware calls Text Expander. Text Expander speeds writing tasks by offering common phrases when the user types in the first letters of the words in a phrase. ... Fitaly has always been fast and configurable. The inclusion of application execution and text expansion has even further increased its productivity enhancement... Fitaly is fast enough that I don't use the WM6 built-in text completion dictionary very often. The new text expansion in Fitaly proved a more useful enhancement. Suggestions pop up instantly, and the time to pick the correct one proved way shorter than continued typing.

Pocket PC and Tablet PC

Fitaly 5 SIP Review
by Nate Adcock, Expert Online,
August, 2008

I've reviewed a number of new software input methods this year for Windows Mobile touchscreen devices. They have all generally used the standard qwerty layout that would be found on a hardware keyboard. Fitaly throws you for a loop because it uses a non-querty layout.

Pocket PC

Fitaly 5 now available
by Adam Z Lein, Senior Editor,
June, 2008

I know finger-friendly input methods are the biggest fad right now, but you can't beat a stylus for precision, and if you want precision text input without a hardware keyboard, Fitaly is the SIP for you.

Pocket PC and Tablet PC

Textware’s Fitaly 4 for Pocket PC
by Tanker Bob,
January 2008

How do you top yourself when you already have a masterpiece that almost rules the market? That’s the question that faced Textware developers as they pondered how to upgrade Fitaly 3.5. They already had the leading alternative input system on both the Windows Mobile and Palm operating systems with a huge and loyal following. Impossible to top? Not so—they managed to once again up the ante in the alternative keyboard world.

Pocket PC and Tablet PC

Short Take: Textware Solutions' Fitaly v4.0
by Adam Z Lein, Senior Editor,
September 28, 2006

Fitaly has been around for a long time. Some people swear by it, some have no idea what it is. Well, it's a keyboard layout designed specifically for efficient one-finger (or stylus) input. Something that's greatly needed on small Pocket PCs and other pen-based computers that lack hardware based input methods such as keyboards or thumboards, which frankly were not designed for efficient small-device text input at all. Can Fitaly speed up your text input? Read on to find out!

Pocket PC and Tablet PC

Pair of apps give PalmPilots a hand
PC Week Labs finds keyboard super...
by Herb Bethoney, PC Week Labs
PC Week, August 12, 1998

The Fitaly software keyboard for the Palm devices is the most efficient one PC Week Labs has seen for a PDA. Anyone who uses the PalmPilot's QWERTY keyboard to input text will find Textware Solutions' keyboard superior.


Piloteer reviews the Fitaly
By Marek Pawlowski
Piloteer Magazine, Issue VIII, September 1998
Fitaly has impressed and impressed greatly. It stands as an example of technological innovation implemented in a manner which will ensure it is widely adopted. A true solution to a true problem, one might say. The Piloteer Magazine is pleased to award TextWare Solutions a 1998 Piloteer Magazine Award for Excellence in recognition of the company’s extensive work with the Fitaly keyboard.

Textware Solutions's Fitaly Keyboard v1.0
Easing the Burden of Keyboard Input
by Daniel J. Langendorf
WinCELair Review - February 1999

During my journey with Fitaly, I not only found myself preferring it over QWERTY but I enjoyed using the keyboard. [...] Once I got the hang of the layout, it was easier to write longer notes and e-mail. My stylus and hand stayed put, happily tapping away.

Palmsize PC

Input Alternatives - Fitaly vs. T9
By Rick Broida
Tap Magazine, Issue 1.6, November 1998

The Fitaly keyboard was awarded the Top Pick in its competition with the T9. Fitaly was shown to be more than twice faster than T9. It was the fastest of all software input methods on the Palm Pilot. It came second only to a hardware keyboard! The table shows the time to enter a sample text, a new contact listing, and an url.

Product Text Contact URL
Graffiti 0:43 1:17 0:22
Qwerty keyboard 0:36 1:37 0:20
Fitaly keyboard 0:28 1:15 0:12
GoType (hardware) 0:14 0:42 0:07
Jot 0:59 1:40 0:28
ScreenWrite 0:43 1:14 0:16
TealScript 0:40 1:15 0:22
Tegic T9 1:03 1:58 0:40

The Fitaly Keyboard for the Palm Organizer.
By Elliott C. "Eeyore" Evans
UGEEK Review - July 1998

I really like this program. I've had major complaints with the built-in keyboard ever since I started using my PilotIII, and I'm glad to have an alternative. If you're sick of using an on-screen keyboard that's designed for ten fingers instead of one, Fitaly is probably for you.

Palm Pilot

Input Alternatives: T9 and Fitaly
by Scott Sbihli
Pen Computing Magazine, October 1998

The most commonly used letters are in the center and the least on the outer edge. Additionally, each letter was placed near the letters that are most commonly typed before and after that particular one. The end result is a highly optimized keyboard that allows for blazingly fast input once you master the layout. [...] If speed is paramount and you have the time to get used to a new, optimized input method, seek out Fitaly.


Fitaly Keyboard - A Better Keyboard for the PalmPilot
by J. Phillips
Mobile Computing & Communications. November 1998.

In this innovative layout, the characters are grouped in a 5 by 12 grid. the letters of the alphabet are centered in a 5 by 6 grid of boxes – a much more compact area than the 12 by 3 of the standard Qwerty keyboard. [...]

While Fitaly must grow on you, a couple of features would cause us to abandon Qwerty forever – at least with a stylus in hand. To make an accent mark in Graffiti, you have to tap the screen to switch to a punctuation mode, make the stroke and then perform the task. With Fitaly, simply tap the accent mark and all the keys that can take that accent appear. Also, when you hit the numbers key, there's instant access to math symbols, pound and yen signs.


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