Fitaly and FitalyStamp in the Press


Stylus tapping that leaves
Graffiti in the dust

by Benjamin E. Sones
HandHeld Computing, December 2000

FitalyStamp is not merely faster than traditional Graffiti text entryóit's a lot faster. You will likely be able to match your maximum Graffiti word-per-minute rate before you are fully comfortable with the key layout, and with some practice you'll be entering text nearly as fast as you can type on a full-sized keyboard.

It works so much better than graffiti, in fact, that you will find yourself wondering why Palm went to graffiti as the primary mode of text entry in the first place...

Once you try it, you may never use graffiti again. Palm? Are you listening?

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Faster with Fitaly

New keyboard layout,
built for speed,
is perfect for PDAs

by Gary Krakow
MSNBC, December 2000

"After an hour or so I began to see the light. Without realizing what was happening, I was gaining speed rapidly. After two or three hours of practicing by re-typing some old columns, Iím beginning to understand exactly whatís happening.

Now that I know where some of the key letters are placed, others needed to form words are amazingly beginning to appear right where I need them. My speed is increasing in leaps and bounds. Iím nowhere near 50 wpm, but gaining more confidence with every paragraph I write.

What I find very interesting is that I make very few mistakes. Iím not sure why that is, but I know for sure that I make fewer mistakes with the Fitaly keyboard than I usually make with QWERTY keys. "

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by James Hromadka
VisorCentral, January 30, 2001

FitalyStamp is a great way for users to ditch Graffiti in favor of a more powerful character entry system. Normal users will like the accessibility of alphanumeric characters, while power users will find plenty of ways to speed up their character entry even further. It does take time to get accustomed to the Fitaly layout, but once you do, you will never fiddle with Graffiti again.

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PDALive Review of FitalyStamp

by Natalie Tay
PDALive, July 2000

"At the beginning, I was doubtful that using FS could improve my word entry to 50WPM. My best Graffiti entry rate is probably around 30WPM, and that's only if I write so fast that I think I'm doing serious damage to my wrist! I honestly wasn't all that excited about having to learn a new keyboard layout, and my first couple of attempts at using FS threatened to prove me right. I was at a miserly rate of 10WPM when I started.

After about half-an-hour of practice though, I found my WPM had increased to an astounding (well, for me at least!) 40WPM! It's taken me 2 years of Graffiti writing to get to my current 30WPM, and here comes Fitaly to blow it all away. 40WPM in less than an hour is just amazing!"

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by Elliott C. "Eeyore" Evans
PDAGeek, October 31, 2000

While my speed (and accuracy) are probably sub-par, I found it considerably less annoying to input large amounts of text using the FitalyStamp. I typed this entire review directly into Memo Pad, something I have never had the fortitude to attempt with Graffiti.

For Quality, FitalyStamp gets 5 out of 5 Geekheads. This program is very well thought out and well coded. I haven't had any problems with crashes or freezes. The number of customization options is surprisingly large.

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Creative Keyboard Replacement

by Kermit Woodall
Pen Computing Magazine, June 2000

"One of the coolest things about the new Fitaly Stamp is that it solves the main problem the original software had - namely, that it took up too much of your screen. Since the original Fitaly was entirely software-based it required a significant amount of screen real-estate to put up its keyboard. The Fitaly Stamp, on the other hand, overlays your Graffiti area with a 'screen-protector' that is imprinted with the Fitaly keyboard as well as the standard shortcuts. The Stamp provides a very quick way to enter text into your Palm."

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FitalyStamp Review

by Susan Gustafson
AOL Pocket Press, April 2001

"Are you one of the many people who continue to have difficulty with Graffiti? Or has your Graffiti levelled off at a speed less than you require? If so, take heart, there is another option. Yes, it requires learning a new keyboard layout, but the speed some people achieve is phenomenal. Imagine tapping 80 words per minute on your Palm. That's the speed achieved by Faith Perez in a contest conducted last July. Obviously, she is a champion, but how about 50 words per minute? Would that work for you?
FitalyStamp combines a Palm application or hack and a polyester overlay for the Graffiti area. Letters are arranged to minimize stylus travel, with the most commonly used letters clustered in the center of the "keyboard." The program offers shortcuts that greatly enhance your ability to enter text quickly. Chief among these is that by sliding the stylus across a letter rather than tapping it, you capitalize it.
There's virtually nothing to remember. It's almost all in front of you."

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Review: FitalyStamp

by Will Lau
Will's rovings - July 2000

"The slogan goes... 'Fifty words per minute on your Palm'

Is this true? Nup - no way. I get 65wpm in ideal conditions. Actually 40 - 50wpm is quite attainable with a little practice.
There's a hard to pin down satisfaction from using this keypad. There's a nice sense of speed and I find it strangely addictive. It makes me want to write more. Does anyone else notice this?
By the way, this review was written on FitalyStamp."

See also Will Lau's article on Word Editing on a Palm:

"First off, if you're going to do a lot of text entry you'll want to do it fast. Forget Graffiti, unless you want to double your entry time whilst simultaneously straining your eyes with the extra hours writing on your paste-it sized screen.

My recommendation is FitalyStamp, the ingenious keyboard overlay that covers your silk screen area. It's optimized for the single stylus. (In my opinion they should make hardware versions for one handed PC users.) We're talking a comfortable 50 words per minute for the seasoned user and 30wpm for the beginner. Graffiti by comparison scores 20-30wpm. Give it a try.

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The Writing on the Wall?

by Benjamin E. Sones
HHC Weekly, September 30, 2000

"After using TextWare Solutions' ( FitalyStamp for a week, this writer found that his text entry speed had nearly doubled...

The FITALY keyboard places the most commonly used letters together, increasing entry speed dramatically."

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Palmguru reviews FitalyStamp

by Jim McCarthy
Palmguru, June 2000

"Do you have what it takes to enter 50 words per minute into your Palm organizer? Do you think Graffiti is 'Giraffe' misspelled, and no matter how many times you write that single-stroke 'd' you get an annoying 'b'? The FITALY STAMP, by Textware Solutions, will guarantee your 'b's are 'd's and help you reach text-input to speed-limits as fast as those on the New Jersey Turnpike."

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TechTV reviews FitalyStamp

Flexible Palm Keyboards:
FitalyStamp and ThumbType

by James L. Kim
TechTV Freshgear - First Looks, June 2000

"Familiarizing yourself with the odd layout takes a few sessions. But once it's mastered, you'll never go back to the conventional method unless of course, you're fluent in Graffiti. I especially liked the clear placement of the hyper-utilized function buttons, which-- in addition to the Graffiti area-- is covered by the plastic overlay. In addition to the petite number pad, the keyboard has a '123' key that activates a pop-up number pad directly above the keyboard on the LCD screen. Best of all, hardly any pressure needs to be placed on the stylus to activate a character."

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FitalyStamp Review

by Scott Stys
Palmorama - April 2001

"If you use hacks that require sliding from one silkscreen button to the other to activate (like SwitchHack), don't worry, Fitaly allows for "pass-thru" slides that bypass the Fitaly application and work with graffiti.
One feature I liked, that helped ease the learning curve was that other applications such as Jot and ScreenWrite, that allow graffiti on the screen itself, also work with FitalyStamp, making a nice addition that can be very helpful at times.
Sliding is another very important feature. It allows you to tap and slide across letters to capitalize them, as well as access punctuation without using a shift-tap. It's a lot fast once you get the hang of it."

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Is your PDA a pian to typ on?

by Ed Curran,
Technogadgets - March 7, 2001

"Graffiti is great, but you have to do it all the time, you have to get used to not waiting for every letter to appear as text before you write the next one, and you have to get used to types that tike tome to correct. I mean, typos that take time to correct.
There's another kind of keyboard that works perfectly with pen computing. It's called the FITALY keyboard and one look at the arrangement of the keys shows you how it got its name. It can replace the soft keyboard in your handheld.
Using the FITALY system sure seems to make sense for stylus typing..."

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Text-Input Overlay Alternatives

Editorial Comparison of Graffiti Overlays:
FitalyStamp, Silkyboard, Tap Pad.

by Jim McCarthy
Palmguru, May 2000

"FITALY STAMP provides the ability to be more accurate for the following reasons: 1) the common characters are closely placed to each other - there's less hunt and peck involved, 2) access to the silk-menus is undeniably simpler, more obvious and user intuitive, and 3) there is less chance of confusing Graffiti with overlay character placement [...]

Who won the war? The FITALY STAMP is on my Palm now, and probably will be until I run out of overlays."

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FitalyStamp Keyboard Review

by James Seah
PDABuzz Review - June 2000

"The Qwerty keyboard for the desktop PC is not an ideal virtual input device for the Palm. It involves 10-fingers typing as compared to the single hand holding stylus "tapping" using the Fitaly designed keyboard. Yet again, it is a question of user preference, depending on how the Palm is used by the individual. Some may prefer to lug along a portable "stowaway" keyboard, use their thumbs....or even toes!

As for me, I give the Thumbs Up to FitalyStamp"

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FitalyStamp Review

by Stuart Robertson
Gadgetmad. February 2000.

"Using the FitalyStamp is a real pleasure, if you're familiar with the original Fitaly, you'll find some very similar features. One of my favourites is the sliding option for capital letters. Just tapping on a letter produces a lower case character, and if you tap the letter and slide the stylus off before lifting, you get the capital. It's really intuitive, and makes for fast typing.

Another good feature is the combined numeric/punctuation panel. By default, a tap produces the punctuation and a slide produces the number, but there is an advanced configuration menu which allows you to reverse these.
I've been using the FitalyStamp exclusively for almost 2 months now, and I think it's fantastic. I was already a fan of the original Fitaly, and if you are too, you're going to love the FitalyStamp!"

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FitalyStamp Review

Greg McKinney
Greg's Palm OS Notes - May 2000.

"Textware Solutions claims that a user can achieve up to 50 wpm with their FitalyStamp. I believe them. I have not quite made it there yet (only 39 wpm), but I have only been using it for about 2 weeks.

I am one of those that LIKES graffiti, so when I decided to try FitalyStamp I was skeptical at best. And as a fair-to-good typist, the keyboard layout at first seemed too odd to be useful to me.

BUT!!!! I have used FitalyStamp while in meetings. I can take accurate notes faster with FitalyStamp than I can with graffiti. I like it, and will continue to use it! (I still like graffiti, too.)"

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