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Fitaly is Substantially Faster
by C. E. Steuart Dewar
Posted July 9, 1998 on alt.comp.sys.palmtops.pilot

Once the new positions of the Fitaly keyboard are known, it is substantially faster and also more accurate, since accuracy decreases as the distance between taps increases.

Speed and Accuracy

51.1 wpm on a PalmPilot
by Noah Bergevin
Posted July 14, 1998 on alt.comp.sys.palmtops.pilot

When trying to hammer out a lengthly Email on a small device that gives you Graffiti or a soft-QWERTY that was made for two hands, the FITALY just makes sense.

Learning Fitaly

Almost as fast as on the PC
by Stew Stryker
Posted September 1998 on the Gadgeteer

I tend to write longer sentences on my Pilot, since I keep design specs for application software I'm developing on it. I can get the text into the Pilot with Fitaly almost as fast as I can type on the PC keyboard.

Speed - Accuracy - Long Notes

The Fastest Input Method
by Roger R. Prokic
Posted November 15, 1998 on the Pilot Mailing List

It is the fastest input method for most, once you have used it a bit.


Fitaly Works Well For Me
by Juergen Schaefer
Posted November 16, 1998 on the Pilot Mailing List

After some practicing I can write fairly fast. Another advantage is that all characters are available - I make heavy use of the German umlauts...

Speed - International Characters

Significantly Faster Than Palm's Qwerty
by Robert Carnegie
Posted October 1998 on the Gadgeteer

Then I practised each set of words until I was comfortable - and significantly faster than Palm's Qwerty layout. [...] And it seems that my brain has enough room for a separate stylus alphabet as well as 10-finger typing and handwriting.

Speed - Fitaly vs Graffiti & Qwerty

Pleased With the New Keyboard Option
by Henry Dorn
Posted March 10, 1999

It never made sense to me using a Qwerty keyboard on a tap screen since it was designed to slow you down. [...] A large number of the resident physicians who are participants in our study have chosen Fitaly as their default data entry method.

Speed - Default data entry method

How much is your time worth?
by Stew Stryker
Posted August 13, 1998 on comp.sys.palmtops.pilot

But within 10 minutes of trying the Fitaly keyboard, I was writing 22 wpm. I stopped bothering with it when I hit 38 wpm. So I can now write TWICE AS FAST with the Fitaly keyboard as I could with Graffiti.

Speed - Fitaly vs. Graffiti

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