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Fitaly Works Well For Me
by Juergen Schaefer
Posted November 16, 1998 on the Pilot Mailing List

Fitaly works well for me. I do most text input longer than a few words with the Fitaly keyboard (except when I forget or try to test my graffiti).

The main problem with the Fitaly layout is learning the layout. The trick that finally worked for me: When looking for the next letter stay above the current one and first search in the near vicinity. (Works better with the thin "black nail" than with my Rotring TriPen.)

After some practicing I can write fairly fast. Another advantage is that all characters are available - I make heavy use of the German umlauts. However I sometimes graffiti the numbers in mixed entries (street name and house number, city and zip code, ...).

Juergen Schaefer

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