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James Garritson
August 28, 2008

I recommend Fitaly as the most important piece of software a Pocket PC owner needs to own. Fitaly is essential to notes, writing, and using small hand-held devices. Thank you for an excellent software.


Bhavesh Patel
June 13, 2008

Simply nothing better. I have tried many different input programs and fitaly stands out well above the rest.

Nothing better

Dmitry Gordiyevsky
November 9, 2007

Wow! That's what I've looked for for a few months since upgrading my phone to PocketPC phone! Customization rules! Great job, thanks a lot!


Edward Hoad
August 17, 2007

Great product! I've used it previously on Palm T3 and TX. It's even more impressive on my IPAQ now that I have switched to Pocket PC


Henry Gordon
August 11, 2007

This is great software. It obviates the need for a keyboard in the PDA, and is very fast and reliable.

Speed - Accuracy

Dean Whitling
May-01, 2007

Surfing online to find a good input system. Tried calligrapher which just crashed my system. I really like your methodology. I've only used it for a day or 2 but I know that its a great app - love the slides idea.

Better than handwriting

Kathy Trueman
September 1, 2005

I tried the demo, and Fitaly tripled my typing speed on my PDA the very first time I used it!


David Alford
September 1, 2005

I tried your demo version for 2 minutes and knew it was a winner!!! Keep up the great work.

A winner

Taisch Hazelton
September 6, 2005

Have been using Fitaly on an HP Journada for several years, love it. It should be standard software on every HP PDA!

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