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Systematic lessons for the Fitaly input method have often been asked in the past, and there have been several suggestions for a game-type training program as Fitaly users not only want to get very fast but also want to reach this state as quickly as possible. Now, here it is, and it is called FitalyLetris.

The idea of FitalyLetris is to write the words that fall down. To complete a word, enter a space after it. Also, there are several modes — Test, Drill, Game — that focus on different demands and therefore handle the speed and other parameters in different ways.

FitalyLetris is word-oriented (at places, even sentence-oriented). So you should not feel bound to enter character per character but learn to write words as patterns. This is key to improving your speed. Actually, fast Fitaly users already identify the next word pattern on the Fitaly layout as they tap the current word.

First, let us briefly explain the game modes. So if you have been playing with it a little, you could skip this. Then, the second part provides hints. The third part concludes with training tips.




Test mode:

Here you test your raw speed. Every time you enter a word, a new one is added to the top of the list, until you've tapped the complete text. Time and Words Per Minute are then displayed. Long tests are possible. Time is measured in 1/100s.

Drill mode:

The aim of this mode is to get some familiarity by exploring various areas of the Fitaly keyboard. The speed is autoadjusting. This is useful for the rich set of texts that teach the various areas of the Fitaly Keyboard, numbers and symbols. For those who use alternative methods, the fact that lessons are based on frequent words will make that useful too.

Game mode:

Type as many words as you can before the crocodiles get you! As you type words, the speed is slowly increased. As they get "crocodiled," the speed is decreased and you can start again!

(Is this game supposed to be funny? — the crocodile always ends up winning!)



How to set the speed

In Game and Drill mode, the speed can be set manually either by tapping on the up and down arrows. (This is not used in Test mode — your speed is what you can produce.)

What is WPM and why are there two sorts?

WPM means words per minute and is counted in two different ways:
Actual WPM: Using the actual number of words in the text.
Standard WPM: Using 5-character words.

Are long words falling slower?

Yes, in Drill and Game mode words fall at the current wpm speed. The aim is to keep a constant tapping speed, independently of word length. So long words fall slower, short words quicker.

What is shown in HighScores?

In Test mode you want to know the exact speed. So both the actual WPM and standard WPM are shown.

Drill mode wants you to keep practicing as long as possible. So the score shown is the number of characters entered.

In Game mode the speed is slowly increased up to your maximum speed in stages. So the maximum speed you have reached is shown, expressed as a standard WPM.

How to choose another test

Open the menu and chose a test under "Train" or "Tests."

How to edit tests

Tap on the preview window at the upper end of the screen. You will see the text of the full test in an editor. It is recommended that you use Text 1 through Text 5 for your own texts.

Note also a title can be defined at the beginning of each test. Set it between chevrons like «My Own Test» and it will be shown in the Test menu.


Training Tips by Hannes Frischat

The essence of a good training is to build up speed and accuracy.

It will help if you are confident that it will work. It will. After a time you probably will write very quickly without even thinking about where a certain character is and you will start seing words as patterns on the Fitaly.

Itzhak Perlman, the famous violinist who claimed to have no technical problems at all, was asked how to practice. He said: "First of all - practice slowly". So a suggestion would be to begin the training in game mode, and always at a speed that is 10 WMP less than the maximum. Speed will increase automatically in stages and fall back when the maximum has been reached.

Also it will be essential to enjoy literally the light and easy tapping at the slow speed, feeling comfortable. Then, after 80 words or so, go into the race. But don't overdo it. And don't skip the first 80 words as doing both is what will bring success. You will be surprised how quickly your speed will improve.

It is a good idea to begin with the Center 1 lesson and play it as described at least 3 or 4 times a day. After day 3, you will have reached a certain speed with the center characters. Now proceed to the other lessons, one by one, and learn to reach this speed with them as well. When you reach the "Overall" lesson, go back to Center 1 and start with a new round.

Regular practice is essential. You don't need much, but you should always ask yourself at the end of the day: "Did I do my three games?" Do this until you reach your speed goal.

These two principles of practice - time stretch and item reduction - are supposed to help all of you, from the 10 wpm beginner to the 50 wpm expert, to improve their speed effectively.

Enjoy Fitaly and FitalyLetris!

Hannes Frischat

For more information on this topic see How to get very fast.


Copyright and License

© 2000-2002 Textware Solutions

FitalyLetris was developed by Hannes Frischat and Andrew Rackcheev for Textware Solutions and is released as a freeware which you may freely use, copy, and give to others, subject to the terms of the FitalyLetris License Agreement.

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