Download FitalyVirtual 3 for the Zodiac

FitalyVirtual 3 for the Tapwave Zodiac

This package contains a fully functional time-limited demo of FitalyVirtual 3 for the Tapwave Zodiac.

The demo version will cease to operate after ten days, after which you can get another ten-day evaluation period by uninstalling and reinstalling the demo. (Note that you won't even be nagged in any way: the demo will just stop working after ten days.)

When you register, we will provide with you a registration code to unlock the demo version. Once unlocked, the software will become a registered version usable without any time limitation on the Tapwave Zodiac device for which you have registered it.

To start downloading FitalyVirtual 3, click on the link below:


Zip version   (672 KB)

The contents have been compressed into a zip archive, which you will need to decompress (unzip) before you install the included application on your Tapwave Zodiac device.

Once you have extracted the zip archive, follow the installation steps indicated in the FitalyVirtual Release Notes.

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Last modified 2 March 2005