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FitalyVirtual – Applicability – Tapwave Zodiac

FitalyVirtual is a version of the Fitaly keyboard that works as a "skin" covering the virtual Graffiti area (also called the dynamic input area or DIA). It is modeled after the design of FitalyStamp.

This version of FitalyVirtual is an adaptation to the Tapwave Zodiac (model 1 or 2) device of the Clié version of FitalyVirtual. The general documentation refers to the Clié version and may contain occasional Clié-specific features. Zodiac-specific information is covered in this page.


FitalyVirtual Zodiac Software Setup

Click on (644 KB) to download the installation file of FitalyVirtual for the Zodiac.

To Install FitalyVirtual, unzip the zip archive This creates a FitalyVirtual3Zodiac folder on your desktop computer, with documentation files as well as copies of the files to be installed on your Zodiac device.

Then use the Palm Install tool or Quick Install to install the files listed below:


Zodiac Installation:
FVSetup3.prc — always installed
FitalyVirtual3Os5.prc — always installed
SkinTW.prc — always installed
ZDIA_Fitaly.prc — always installed


Install the Fitaly Skin after HotSync

After Hotsync, doing a reset will activate the skin. (Do not use the Skin Setup button of FVSetup as this function is performed by SkinTW in the case of the Zodiac.) Note that if you do a soft reset on another occasion, you have to rotate the screen from landscape to portrait to activate the skin again.

Answer yes on the question 'Do you wish to reenable Fitaly?' to activate Fitaly.


Adjust Position

The final step of the installation is to let the Fitaly software recognize the current position of FitalyVirtual, with proper adjustment to the way you hold the pen and tap on the screen:

You can now start using FitalyVirtual. For example, tap on the MemoPad button, open a new memo, and start typing on the Fitaly keyboard.


Notes on Upgrading

If you are installing this version over a previous version of FitalyVirtual, you must first uninstall the prior version. (See the next section.)

Note that for upgrading, you may safely overwrite the companion program FVSetup without losing registration information, Application Bar settings, and your user-defined slides. On the other hand, the List of Most Recently Used applications is reset when you upgrade.


Un-Installing FitalyVirtual

To uninstall FitalyVirtual, perform the following two steps:

To remove FitalyVirtual completely, you also need to delete FVSetup.prc, as well as the databases used for the Application Bar and for custom slides: FitalyAppBarDB and FitalyCustomSlidesDB.


FitalyVirtual Users Manual

Read the attached User's Manual for a description of what you can do with FitalyVirtual. This is the place where all usage options are described.

Additional information is provided in the following documents:


License Information

The use of FitalyVirtual is subject to a License Agreement which applies to registered versions as well as to demo versions of the software.


Contacting Textware Solutions

Address: Textware Solutions
58 Lexington Street
Burlington, MA 01803



The ZDIA_Fitaly skin used in this adaptation of FitalyVirtual to the Zodiac was developed by Velo. For other skins for the Zodiac as well as for other Palm devices, visit the Velo's Skins web site.

This adaptation of FitalyVirtual to the Zodiac uses the SkinTW! instant DIA skin loader and manager for the Tapwave Zodiac, developed by Alexander Pruss. Click on SkinTW! for more information on this product as well as for possible upgrades.

The use of SkinTW! is free for FitalyVirtual users.

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