FitalyVirtual T3/T5/LifeDrive Announcement

We are pleased to announce FitalyVirtual for the T3/T5/LifeDrive, a virtual version of FitalyStamp that works on the Palm OS 5-based devices with a dynamic input area: The Tungsten T3 and T5, and now the LifeDrive.

FitalyVirtual combines the functionality of the Fitaly keyboard with that of a simple launcher working like SwitchHack or McPhling.

FitalyVirtual on the Tungsten T3/T5 and the LifeDrive

The image on the left shows FitalyVirtual on the Tungsten T3.

FitalyVirtual is a "skin" covering the virtual Graffiti area. It is modeled after the design of FitalyStamp, with colors adapted to match the status bar of the Tungsten T3/T5 and the LifeDrive. It provides all functions of Fitaly Version 3 for fast text entry in all applications.

In addition to the Fitaly keyboard functionality, FitalyVirtual also acts as a launcher: The image shows the Fitaly Application Bar that pops up at the bottom of the application screen (above Fitaly itself) when doing a slide of the Home key in the south direction:

The eight buttons are user-defined and can serve for activation of favorite applications and special actions. Here the image shows the first seven buttons associated with Address Book, Datebk5, MemoPad, WordSmith, Palm Reader, Bridge, and the backlight toggle. The rightmost button calls FVSetup, to set FitalyVirtual preferences, including user-defined buttons of the Application Bar.

The FitalyVirtual keyboard is fully integrated with the Tungsten T3/T5 and the LifeDrive. The keyboard is easily displayed or hidden with a simple tap of the input selector icon on the status bar of the device.

FitalyVirtual as a Launcher

This second image shows what happens when you do a slide of the Tab key in the south direction: A list opens on the left, allowing you to select one of the 12 most recent applications you have used.

This display is similar to that of launchers such as SwitchHack and McPhling and you can select any of these application by a tap on its line.

Note that these 12 applications are distinct from the 8 of the Application Bar. This means that you can get quick access to 20 applications with only two taps, counting the tap and slide on a key to display the Application Bar or the most-recently used list.

Setting the FitalyVirtual Application Bar

Assigning applications to buttons is done with the dialog shown on the left.

Tap on any of the buttons numbered 1 to 8 and then select the desired action.

Note that the assignable actions include all applications currently on the Palm device. They also include actions that correspond to the hardware Up and Down button, the wide pen sweep, and the backlight toggle.

Other FitalyVirtual Features

Taking advantage of the high-resolution of the Tungsten T3/T5 and the LifeDrive, this new version of FitalyVirtual provides high-resolution popup panels. Like other Fitaly keyboards, it supports all 220 characters of the Iso/Ansi Latin1 character set with these popup panels.

For example, the 123 panels shown below in normal and shifted form let you enter many characters that are difficult or impossible to enter by other methods:

The FitalyVirtual Toggle toggles the function of the Fitaly keyboard on and off. When turned off, the input area behaves as a Graffiti area in Wide mode and Graffiti gestures can be used.

Other features of the Fitaly keyboard are described in the User's Manual and in the Options and Advanced Features

Downloading and Installing FitalyVirtual

Click on FitalyVirtualT3.exe to download a Windows installer for FitalyVirtual for the Tungsten T3/T5 and the LifeDrive. The installer automatically installs documentation files and copies of the FitalyVirtual files in a FitalyVirtual folder on your desktop. Then it prepares the FitalyVirtual files for installation on your Tungsten T3/T5 or LifeDrive at the next HotSync.

Alternatively, click on to download a zip archive containing the FitalyVirtual installation files.

Once you have run the installer or extracted the zip archive, follow the installation steps indicated in the FitalyVirtual Release Notes.

Demo - License

The demo version is free and fully functional. The demo will cease to operate after ten days, after which you can get another ten-day evaluation period by uninstalling and reinstalling the demo. After registration, the software becomes a registered version usable without any time limitation.

Registration costs $25 ($15 for registered Palm Fitaly or FitalyStamp users, $20 for Pocket PC Fitaly users).

Download the FitalyVirtual Windows Installer
Download the FitalyVirtual Zip Archive

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User's Manual
Options and Advanced Features
Panel Reference
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