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Digitizer Requirements

The correct operation of FitalyVirtual depends highly on the precision of the digitizer.

If your device has been used extensively with Graffiti and the Graffiti area is worn out by this usage, you may experience mis-taps with FitalyVirtual as the digitizer will produce incorrect tap coordinates. Note that the single taps required by FitalyVirtual are different in nature from the moves required by Graffiti: More precision is required for single taps as the averaging effect of moving across several points is not available.

Consequently, the use of FitalyVirtual may reveal preexisting digitizer problems that were previously unnoticed in Graffiti usage. In particular heavy usage of Graffiti may have damaged the center left area, causing problems around the letters d and i, where most Graffiti gestures start.

You can use tools such as TealEcho to check the condition of the digitizer. (If a digitizer is faulty, TealEcho may show an irregular or spotty line when drawing a straight line.) Check also for the absence of the so-called tap bug and for possible cures. If these fail, the only way to fix this problem is to have the screen repaired.

Another way to check the operation of the digitizer is to use the Digitizer Tests available in the Test Options.

If you are experiencing digitizer problems, try to use the Sure Mode which you can select in the Operation Mode panel of FitalySetup. While slightly slower, the sure mode is often able to compensate for mild digitizer defects and deliver a better precision. (On the other hand, if your digitizer is in perfect condition, the normal mode allows faster entry.)

On this subject, see also the article by Hannes Frischat "What to to about the tap bug" in the Fitaly FAQ.


Adjusting Sliding to get the Application Bar

The correct operation of sliding depends highly on the precision and the speed of reaction of the digitizer. Some digitizers take more time to react. For example, some T5 digitizers appear to react slower than those ot the T3 or LifeDrive. In addition, a cold digitizer may be slower to react.

If you have difficulty getting the Application Bar with sliding, you need to adjust the sliding distances to conform to what works for you on your machine.

The point about doing slow deliberate slides is that no two digitizers are identical and no two users tap with the same pressure. When you do a fast slide, there will be some variability on the point where the digitizer triggers a pen up command. In addition, there may be a difference between this point and what you think it is. So, there is some man-machine interaction tuning to do by starting slowly and finding out how fast you can do it and still succeed.



The current release of FitalyVirtualT3.prc, dated 2005-06-17, works with Palm OS version 5.

FitalyVirtual works with essentially all applications. Known incompatibilities exist with the following applications:

Partial incompatibilities exist with the following applications:

  • TealEcho
– incompatibility with sliding
  • EVEdit
– incompatibility with the Graffiti echo feature
  • TextPlus
– incompatibility with the Graffiti echo feature
  • Wireless
– sliding does not work when the keyboard is switched on.

This list is based on the releases dated 2005-06-17 and may or may not apply to later releases.

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