Installation with FitalySkinLoad on a Palm TX



What is FitalySkinLoad

FitalySkinLoad is designed to work on the Palm T3, T5, LifeDrive and TX.

Textware Solutions has discontinued further development of FitalyVirtual for new palm devices such as the TX. While the existing T3/T5/ LifeDrive version works on the TX and possibly on later machines, it does not display the Fitaly skin over the keyboard area. This is where FitalySkinLoad comes into play.

FitalySkinLoad is a Skin Loader developed by Alexander Pruss and which can be used to load the Fitaly skin on a Palm T3, T5, LifeDrive, or TX.


Installing FitalySkinLoad

To install FitalySkinLoad, follow the following sequence of steps. While simpler sequences may also work, we prefer to err on the side of safety to avoid having to do a hard reset. In any case, it is a good idea to do a full backup before you start.

Note 1
If you use the same Palm Desktop for a Pam T3 and a TX, make sure you delete again StatusBarResources.prc from the Backup folder before each synchronization with the TX. If you forget, this may be synchronized and this is likely to cause a crash on your TX.

Note 2
If FitalyVirtual does not react, it may be that it behaves as if registration has expired (no nagging). Then reenter your registration code, or uninstall and reinstall FVsetup and FitalyVirtual.


Legal information

FitalySkinLoad is copyright (c) 2006 Alexander R. Pruss, who is not affiliated with Textware Solutions. FitalySkinLoad includes a Fitaly skin that is copyrighted by Textware Solutions.

Use at your own risk.

FitalySkinLoad is freeware, but may not be distributed without the explicit permission of Alexander R. Pruss.

The included Fitaly skin may only be used in conjunction with the FitalyVirtual software from Textware Solutions and may allow you to use FitalyVirtual with devices like the Palm TX that are not supported by Textware Solutions.

FitalySkinLoad is unsupported software. FitalyVirtual is not supported on the Palm TX, whether alone or in conjunction with FitalySkinLoad. Alexander Pruss is, however, interested in bug reports for FitalySkinLoad (only).

FitalySkinLoad for TX 1.1

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