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The primary intent of these forums is to allow an easy exchange of questions, tips, techniques, and other topics concerning Instant Text and the Fitaly keyboard. They are intended to be a place for suggestions and for discussing pros and cons of various approaches.

Support questions should be dealt by Email or phone, especially if they are urgent and you want the questions to be answered by Textware Solutions. Emailed support questions are usually answered within one business day and sometimes faster.

Some of the forums have a Support section which you can use for nonurgent questions addressed to other users, as well as for support questions of general interest. We may provide an answer to some of these questions, especially if the topic is of general interest, but our top priority always goes to questions addressed by email.

Instant Text Forums:
  Instant Text Main Forum

Fitaly Forums:
  Fitaly for the Palm Organizer
  Fitaly for the Pocket PC
  Fitaly & FitalyStamp FAQ
  Dom Perignon II Speed Contest


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