The Problem

“If there’s one thing about the Palm-style handheld computers that people grouse about the most, it’s text entry” — Jeff Green, Business Week

“There’s a reason PDAs aren’t called personal note-taking assistants: Most are terrible input devices.” — Carla Thornton, PC World

The Solution

Faster with Fitaly

“New keyboard layout, built for speed, is perfect for PDAs” — Gary Krakow, MSNBC


Because Fitaly is specifically designed for stylus typing... to minimize hand movement.

The center has 73% of the keys used in normal writing. Adding ch um gives 84%, all reached by just moving the fingers holding the stylus. And each key is near the keys likely to follow.

Accuracy and speed! By design!



Yes, I want it - $35.

Demo, to see for myself.



“…not merely
faster… It's a
lot faster”
Ben Sones

In the beginning, the Palm was designed to replace your calendar. It had very little memory and not many programs. Text entry was not a problem because there was not much to enter.

Think of how the palm has grown in capability: color, programs, memory, wireless modems…

Now think of the new applications: email, web browsing, word processing, spreadsheets… all on you palm! And think where and how these are used: note taking in class or the boardroom, investing, sales environments… all these applications always with you, instantly available with a computer you can carry in your pocket.

Amazing. Except for the limits, the things people grouse about most… poor handwriting recognition, cramped keyboards…


Enter the FitalyStamp...

A new idea. FitalyStamp is an overlay over the Palm's Graffiti area with the first keyboard layout specifically designed for entering text into a Palm with a stylus.

73% of the letters you use in normal text are in a very tight central area.

Fast text entry. Error-free. In an hour or two of practice, users typically exceed their Graffiti speed, even more so when you factor in the time to correct Graffiti errors.

And from there… 50 words per minute on the palm is in your near future!

One contestant in the Dom Perignon speed contest reached 80 wpm, – see the  – and average contestants were over 50 wpm, far better than Graffiti or Qwerty users!


A new keyboard
for a new computer in
the new mobile environment.

Designed to be used
the way the Palm was
designed to be used.




Graffiti? Hard to learn. Rigid requirements. Noone ever learns or remembers the nuances. But even after you master Graffiti, what have you accomplished? At best you write slower than you can with a pad and paper.

And think about why typewriters were invented! So… 15-25 words per minute. Try writing
a 3-paragraph e-mail.

“It's taken me 2 years of Graffiti writing to get to my current 30wpm, and here comes Fitaly to blow it all away: 40wpm in less than an hour is just amazing.” — PDA Geek

“If you write at top speed using Graffiti for a minute or two you will notice that it is absolutely exhausting. It’s much less tiring to use FitalyStamp as your hand barely moves”
— Charles Herold, ON Magazine

Take along Keyboards? If you set up the keyboard, connect the Palm, and find and sit at a table, they will do some of the job. Of course, if you do that, you could use a much more powerful computer. Try a laptop.

The very things that make the Palm such a great device are: shirt-pocket convenience, always with you, instantly available, impulse available, usable standing up in the hallway, at a meeting, over lunch, in a phone booth… all these situations in which only one hand is available…

The very qualities that make the Palm so useful are almost totally negated by having to set up a keyboard on a desk.

“I bought the Palm… because it looks sexy and small. Now there is no way I’m going to pull out and plug in a keyboard in a public place like a café ‘Hey look everyone, look at me… do ya like my propeller hat?’… Fitaly lets me write without my propeller hat on.”
— Will's Rovings

Onscreen Qwerty keyboard? Okay using 10 fingers but on the Palm it might be a little cramped. To gain the true benefits, the essence of the Palm, you must use a stylus - the one in the same pocket as the Palm itself. And for speed, you must type - not “write.”

Typing with a stylus on a Qwerty keyboard, however, is not a good idea. A layout designed in 1867 to keep a “type writer” from jamming is not appropriate for stylus tapping; it is using a screwdriver to drive home a nail.

Possible, but too slow, too error-prone, too tiring, too inefficient.

“This style of keyboard was designed for 10 fingers… This makes Qwerty an inefficient method to use when typing with one finger or, on the Palm, one stylus.” — Ed Curran CNN

Voice?  Background noise, privacy, speed, accuracy, cost, vocabulary limitations… and think of four of you paraphrasing the speaker to your pda at a meeting. Other than that…

“… operating my Palm with voice commands won't give the me the privacy I need.”
— Jeff Green, Business Week

What is needed…


A new computer idea needs
a new way to get text into it
specifically designed for it.

It is the only way you will
avail yourself of the Palm's
full benefits: always with you,
always on, always available.


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