Instant Text — Key Features

Smart Compilation

Glossary compilation — the Instant Text function that creates glossaries from documents — is able to handle situations that require some skillfull linguistic decisions.

For example, glossary compilation is able to recognize phrases that include commas and it can produce phrase entries such as:

all claims, liabilities and costs, including

any copyright, patent, trademark or other

all documents, records, software programs

In addition, glossary compilation is able to recognize periods in standard abbreviations such as Dr. Ms. M.D. and can produce phrases including such abbreviations. For example, it can produce entries such as:

d1mpqp1 Dilantin 100 mg p.o. q.i.d., prednisone 10
bdrbgja by Dr. Robert B.K. Gruenberg, Jr. and

The power of Instant Text compilation makes it a tool of choice to produce vocabularies for voice recognition products as well a in linguistic analysis.