Instant Text — Glossaries

General and Medical Glossaries

Some of the glossary files supplied with Instant Text are provided as examples.  Others have more general usage and cover different fields.

They differ in the type of language they use and also in size:

Address.glo 0 Words 3 Phrases
Ages.glo 0 Words 108 Phrases
Business.glo 4,130 Words 936 Phrases
Contract.glo 376 Words 897 Phrases
Dates01012013.glo 0 Words 365 Phrases
Dates2013-Jan-01.glo 0 Words 365 Phrases
DatesMDY.glo 0 Words 365 Phrases
Demo.glo 60 Words 70 Phrases
Drugs.glo 1,064 Words 0 Phrases
Emergency.glo 6,398 Words 6,319 Phrases
ER.glo 1,045 Words 3.044 Phrases
GenMed.glo 3,957 Words 8,872 Phrases
Internet.glo 51 Words 38 Phrases
Legal.glo 3,230 Words 1,118 Phrases
Medabbrv.glo 0 Words 30 Phrases
MedPhras1.glo 0 Words 1,000 Phrases
MedPhras3.glo 0 Words 3,000 Phrases
MedPhras5.glo 0 Words 5,000 Phrases
Medsampl.glo 5,283 Words 1,990 Phrases
Medstart.glo 3,757 Words 5,485 Phrases
MedWords4.glo 4,000 Words 0 Phrases
Numbers.glo 0 Words 148 Phrases
Sutures.glo 0 Words 1,055 Phrases
US.glo 223 Words 72 Phrases
World.glo 411 Words 88 Phrases



The address glossary gives a brief example of what an address glossary may look like.  Once you develop your own address glossary, you will be able to write any address by typing only a few letter, and with Instant Text they expand into the entire address.



This glossary contains abbreviations for age-related terms. It is intended to be included in other glossaries. All ages appear with digits in [Phrases]. For example, "y2" produces "2-year-old" and "y20" produces



The business glossary contains the most frequent words and phrases used in business letters. It contains over 900 very commonly used phrases like "for example" or "as a matter of fact", "on the other hand" etc.



The contract glossary contains legal language and may give you an idea of how frequently used phrases can be typed with only a few keystrokes. It illustrates the kind of continuations you may get with legal language.



Each of the three dates glossaries contain all the dates of the year 2013 and in different formats.

Dates 01012013.glo offers dates in the format: 01/01/2013
Dates 2013-Jan-01.glo offers dates in the format: 2013-Jul-01
Dates MDY.glo offers dates in the format: July 1, 2013

These glossaries can be selected to be included in other glossaries. The year can easily be changed. Glossaries are text files that can be edited in any word-processor.



The Demo glossary has long words such as supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, which you can write with just two letters, and formatted entries such as green or red. It also includes a few stock phrases that you may use when challenged to show your speed ("Now is the time..." and "The quick brown fox...").



The Drugs glossary contains about 1064 drug names. This glossary is based on the Drugs glossary in the Exchange folder and contains about 200 more drugs most frequently used. It can be included in other glossaries.


Emergency - ER

These glossaries differ in size. They were compiled from hundreds of Emergency Room reports with different minimum word frequencies. These glossaries represent a good sample of the most frequent situations encountered in the Emergency Room and provide numerous sentence continuations.



The General Medical glossary contains about 9,000 phrases and 4,000 long medical words that have been found to be most frequent in general medical transcription reports.


Medabbrv - ER

The Medabbrv glossary contains some frequently used abbreviations. It allows you to type them by using an even shorter abbreviation. No need to type the dots!

Example: potid = p.o. t.i.d.|

Note that all entries with a period at the end have a vertical bar | added in order to prevent automatic capitalization following the expansion.



The Internet glossary contains frequent e-mail extensions like and web site addresses for car rentals or hotel reservations.  You type "her;" and get the Hertz reservation site or "sh" and get the Sheraton web site address. 



The Legal glossary contains frequently used words and legal terms.  This may be used as a starting glossary that can be merged with or included in more specific glossaries automatically compiled from existing documents.



This glossary contains 1,000 very frequently used phrases like "auscultation and percussion" or "no masses, tenderness or organomegaly noted" that can be included into your working glossary.


MedPhrase3 - MedPhras5

These glossaries differ in size - MedPhras3 offers more than 3,000 and MedPhras5 more than 5,000 frequent phrases. You can include these frequently used phrases in your personal glossary or the glossaries you compile with Instant Text. The choice depends on how much visual information you want to see in the advisories.



The Medsampl glossary contains medical language and may give you an idea of how words and phrases can be typed with only a few keystrokes. It also shows you how phrases are continued automatically with Instant Text. Try "tph;;;" and you will get "The patient has a history of hypertension".



The Medstart glossary contains the 4,000 words of the Medwords4 glossary plus the 5,000 phrases of the MedPhras5 glossary combined.



This glossary contains approximately 4,000 very frequently used words of 7 letters or mostly longer. It can be included into your personal glossary (imported or created with Instant Text) or into one of the MedPhras glossaries of your choice. Most of these words can be abbreviated with just 3 or 4 letters.



The Numbers glossary contains about 148 phrases based on the Numbers glossary in the Exchange folder. The short forms in this glossary start with a number when the expansion starts with a number.

Example: 28f = 28-French; 1o = one o'clock; n1 = #1; t34 = T3-T4



The Sutures glossary contains more than 1,000 phrases of common sutures and stitches.

Example: 5p = 5-0 Prolene; n5cs = #5-0 chromic stitch

This glossary can be included in a glossary that you may have for surgery reports.



The US glossary contains names of cities and states in North America.



The world glossary contains names of cities, states, and countries of the world. No need to look up their spelling!