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Medical Glossaries

Instant Text includes the richest set of medical glossaries — with around 40,000 phrases.

All provided glossaries have been reviewed by Sharon Allred, CMT, and are conform to the rules of AAMT Book of Style for Medical Transcription, 2nd edition. In particular, they provide correct hyphenation, punctuation, and capitalization of brand names.

A first set of medical glossaries include the following:

Emergency.glo 6398 Words 6319 Phrases
ER.glo 1045 Words 3044 Phrases
GenMed.glo 3957 Words 8872 Phrases
MedAbbrv.glo 0 Words 30 Phrases
MedPhras1.glo 0 Words 1000 Phrases
MedPhras3.glo 0 Words 3000 Phrases
MedPhras5.glo 0 Words 5000 Phrases
MedSampl.glo 5283 Words 1990 Phrases
MedStart.glo 3757 Words 5485 Phrases
MedWords4.glo 4000 Words 0 Phrases

In addition, the following glossaries have been contributed by practicing medical transcriptionists to the Glossary Exchange:

Robert T. Hill:
Ages.glo 100 words 104 Phrases
Drugs.glo 820 Words 0 Phrases
Headers.glo 31 Words 28 Phrases
MT_Words.glo 9,355 Words 169 Phrases
MT_Phrases.glo 141 Words 2,924 Phrases
NDME&P.glo 375 Words 140 Phrases
Numbers.glo 0 Words 148 Phrases
Sutures.glo 0 Words 55 Phrases
Pam McCarville:
Decimals.glo 0 words 11,000 Phrases
QDecimals.glo 0 words 11,000 Phrases
Jon Knowles & Mike DeTuri:
Degrees.glo 0 words 870 Phrases



This glossary contains abbreviations for age-related terms. It is intended to be included in or merged with other glossaries.




This glossary contains approximately 900 phrase entries and can be included in or merged with your working glossaries.

d97 produces "97 F"
d974 produces "97.4 F"
d5 can be expanded to "5 degrees" or "5"


Decimals and QDecimals

The Decimals and QDecimals glossaries contain 11000 abbreviations for decimal expansions from 0.01 to 99.99. They are intended to be included in your working glossaries or merged.

Two versions are included: Short forms start with n in Decimals. They start with q in QDecimals.

Decimals: Qdecimals:
n08 = 0.8 q08 = 0.8
n099 = 0.99 q099 = 0.99
n1013 = 10.13 q1013 = 10.13
n9993 = 99.93 q9993 = 99.93



This glossary contains a list of drug names; no phrases. The [Words] section also includes strings like q.i.d. and p.r.n and many others. The need to override automatic spacing may thus be eliminated.

Given the nature of this list, it will always be a work in progress. Kindly report any errors and suggestions to


Emergency - ER

These two glossaries differ in size. They were compiled from hundreds of Emergency Room reports with different minimum word frequencies. These glossaries represent a good sample of the most frequent situations encountered in the Emergency Room and provide numerous sentence continuations.



The General Medical glossary contains about 9000 phrases and 4000 long medical words that have been found to be most frequent in general medical transcription reports.



This is a list of all-caps headers followed by colons. They appear in the [Words] section or the [Phrases] section, as appropriate.

Example: ad produces: "ADMITTING DIAGNOSIS:"

This glossary is intended to be included in or merged with your working glossaries.



The Medabbrv glossary contains some frequently used abbreviations. It allows you to type them by using an even shorter abbreviation. No need to type the dots in b.i.d. and similar abbreviations!


This glossary contains 1000 very frequently used phrases like "auscultation and percussion" or "no masses, tenderness or organomegaly noted" that can be included into your working glossary.


MedPhras3 - MedPhras5

These glossaries differ in size - MedPhras3 offers more than 3000 and MedPhras5 more than 5000 frequent phrases. You can include these frequently used phrases in your personal glossary or the glossaries you compile with Instant Text. The choice depends on how much visual information you want to see in the advisories.



The MedSampl glossary contains medical language and may give you an idea of how words and phrases can be typed with only a few keystrokes. It also shows you how phrases are continued automatically with Instant Text.

Try tph;;; and you will get "The patient has a history of hypertension".



MedStart is a recommended base glossary when starting work in Medical Transcription. It combines the 4000 words of MedWords4 with the 5000 phrases of MedPhras5.



This glossary contains approximately 4000 very frequently used words of 7 letters or mostly longer. It can be included into your personal glossary (imported or created with Instant Text) or into one of the MedPhras glossaries of your choice. Most of these words can be abbreviated with just 3 or 4 letters.



This glossary contains a list of more than 8,000 words of seven letters or more. The only entries in the [Phrases] section are for numerical conventions. (Refer to tips under Numbers.glo.)

MT_Words.glo is intended for use only as a reference material. For best results, compile your own glossaries and use MT_Words.glo as a supplement. A version containing 11,000 words of four letters or more can be downloaded from the Glossary Exchange at



This is a glossary of about 3000 phrases intended for use as a reference material and finding names of instruments, procedures, and stock phrases.

MT_Phrases also contains 150 hyphenated words in the [Words] section.
Example: under a you will find "above-the-knee".

For best results, compile your own glossaries to get more sentence continuations. Then use MT_Phrases.glo as a supplement that is included or merged.



New drugs, medical procedures and equipment - 1995. Based on Mary Morken's list on MT Daily and adapted to Instant Text by Robert T. Hill. Copyright retained by original holder. Used by permission of Mary Morken.

Tips: To see alternate names of drugs in the phrase advisory, type the first two letters. For example:



This glossary contains commonly used numbers and numerical conventions. This is useful because the # and / characters are treated as markers by Instant Text and # is difficult to reach.

Numbers.glo is intended to be included in or merged with other glossaries. All entries appear in the Phrase Advisory.




This glossary contains 55 phrases of common suture materials and is intended to be included in or merged with your working glossaries. They appear in the [Phrases] section.

n4d = #4-0 Dexon
n0p = #0 Prolene.