Instant Text — Glossary Includes

Glossary Includes

Glossary Includes offer a flexible way to combine several glossaries without actually merging the glossary files.

With Includes you can define a combined glossary that refers to other glossaries. For example, you can combine a Local glossary with other external glossaries:

[include C:\InstText\Exchange\Ages.glo]
... Entries of the Local glossary ...
[include C:\\MainServer\Common\Glossary\Add-ons.glo]
[include C:\InstText\Exchange\Standard.glo]

This glossary offers the same entries as if you had merged Ages, Local, Add-ons, and Standard in this order.

Should you update Ages or Standard, the combined glossary with Includes is implicitly modified because it refers to the constituent glossaries. If you had actually done a merge of the constituent glossaries, you would need to redo it to reflect the changes.

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