Instant Text 7 Pro — New Add window

Powerful Commands and Display Form

Adding a new glossary entry is still as fast as before:  2 keystrokes.  Once you have highligted the entry you want to add, you just press:

Alt= and Enter

New Menus

New menus in the Add window allow you to easily clear the Add window, add formatted templates as created in your word-processor, insert powerful commands, a date and time stamp.  Glossaries with these kinds of entries will help you increase you productivity in transcription, researching, and editing.  


Display Form

Now you can add a display form if you feel the need for it. The display form can be very useful when you want to add a comment for your medical term,  a common dosage for medication, or a short description of what your command entry is meant to do.

Display form

You will see the definitions or descriptions displayed in the advisories:

Display form in advisories

hpk will expand to hyperkalemia, hpc to hypercalcemia while the definitions are just a reminder. 

Launch WordPad display form Launch WordPad will be easier on your eyes than  {command}{Launch}wordpad.exe{/Launch}

Command Menu

An extensive Command menu will let you insert not only {Ctrl B} or {Backspace} or field commands such as {Ctrl F9}{End} but also a whole variety of commands for tasks you may want to speed up:

Command menu

With these command entries you will be able, for instance, to activate a glossary and launch a program or a website without taking your fingers off the keyboard.

Stop and Resume Command

You can now insert a Stop command in a paragraph with fill-ins: 

Stop and Resume commands

You type wbi and the entry will expand to was born in

You fill in the year of birth dictated and resume the rest of the expansion with a Resume command for which you can create your own short (rrr for example).  

rrr will trigger the next sequence of text that follows the Stop command of the current entry and upon expanding it, another Stop sets in so you can fill in the next appropriate dictation.

You can resume or not resume the rest of a Stop and Resume entry depending on the dictation.

Record in Client Command

You can chain keyboard shortcut commands in macro-like fashion while you are in your client application. While linked to MSWord you can click on Command/Record in client and type the keyboard commands you want the Instant Text Glossary entry to execute upon expansion. 

Delete next 3 words

This entry will delete the three words to the right when you type delx or delw and the display Delete next 3 Words will show in the advisory explicitly what this command is going to do.

Commands in advisories

These chains of commands come in handy, particularly when you have to edit speech recognition drafts. 

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