Instant Text 7 Pro — Special Enhancements

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Could I start a short form with a number?

Yes, short forms can now start with a number, and they can also include hyphens and underscores:

Short form:



1% lidocaine


25-hydroxyvitamin D



18ju 2010-Jun-18
drugs-comlaunch website

Could I type lab values without toggling off automatic spacing?

Yes, now you can. Instant Text now cancels autospacing when you type numbers containing commas, colons, or periods. Automatic spacing is cancelled when typing:



7:30 am

Could Instant Text capitalize after an expanded phrase like a header that already contains a colon or a period?

Yes, it now will. After expanding ad to ADMISSION DIAGNOSIS: the next letter will be capitalized automatically if you have automatic capitalization checked. Instant Text recognizes the punctuation within an expansion and capitalizes appropriately.

If for any reason you need to inhibit this kind of automatic capitalization, you can always add a vertical bar | (Shift \) at the end of an entry for which you don't want the next letter to capitalize.

Could my entries be alphabetized?

Yes, now they can. By default the advisories show all glossary entries sorted by short code length and alphabetized as shown below:

Alphabetized entries

You can now have them sorted by short code length, alphabetized, or just as they are in your glossary.

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