Getting Started with Instant Text 7 Pro

Setup Instructions

Using Instant Text

To start Instant Text 7 Pro, double-click on the IT 7 Pro icon and open your transcription platform or word processor. You should now see Instant Text docked to the bottom of your application with the focus in your application.

Opening Instant Text

Understanding the Instant Text Screen:

The Instant Text screen

You can click:

You can right-click:

Whenever you are on a menu item you want to know more about, you can have contextual help by typing F1.

Expanding Entries:

To expand a short form use the semicolon ; for Phrase entries, and either bracket key − ] or [ − for Word entries. These are called Marker keys.

Assuming you have Medstart highlighted, when typing tp you will see the patient highlighted on the first advisory line under Phrases. Adding a ; after tp will expand tp to the patient. To expand the highlighted word topically you would type tp] or tp[

Typing with Instant Text

The Marker keys can be changed.
Right-click on the Phrase Advisory heading. Under Options/Marker Selection you can choose your Marker keys. If you prefer to expand with the space bar, it can be done: click on the Classic Options button.

To expand an entry that is further down in the advisories you can select it by typing the line number, or you can add another letter of the short form: tpt will bring up the patient takes and the patient tolerated ... under Phrases, and temperature and tympanotomy... under Words.  

Adding a new entry:

To add a new entry press Alt =

If you have already typed your word or phrase, highlighting it and pressing Alt = will add the word or phrase right into the Add Glossary Entry window and assign the short form. You can overwrite the short form (Shift Home) with  a short form of your own choice.
Adding an entry

Phrase entries have a short form of 2 characters or more (letters, numbers, hyphens, and underscores).   

If you add a word, you will see just their first letter in the In Short box. Word entries do not need dedicated short forms. In the glossary they are listed under their first letter. To expand a word you simply type any letters of the words starting with the first letter: crdmy, cdmy or cdmp  will all expand to cardiomyopathy.

Word entries

Editing or Deleting an entry:

When you see an entry in the advisories that you want to edit or delete, you can press Shift Alt =  or right-click on it to see the entry in the Glossary Viewer. There you type E to edit it or D to delete it.

Setting up your active Glossary List:

To open a glossary into the list, right-click on the Glossary List to open the Glossary menu, click on Open and select the glossary you wish to add.

To create a new glossary, select New... in the Glossary menu and save it under a name of your choice.

Glossary menu

If you have an expander list from another program, use the Importer to convert your list into an Instant Text glossary. Then open the imported glossary into the active Glossary List.


You can also combine two or more glossaries using the Includes button in the Glossary Viewer. To include the Drugs glossary into the Medstart glossary, for example:

  1. double-click on the Medstart in the Glossary List to open the Glossary Viewer

  2. click on the Includes button to open the Edit Includes window

  3. click on the Add Include button and select the Drugs glossary (Drugs.glo)

  4. click OK and close the Glossary Viewer

Including Drugs glossary

Medstart will now suggest 1,000 drug names in addition to its 5,000 phrases and 4,000 words.

You are now ready to use the basics of Instant Text!

Checking out the menus of Instant Text will show you all the things you can do with Instant Text.

For more information on how to use the advanced features of Instant Text, such as the powerful Commands in the Add window, the Compilation of multiple files, adding descriptive Display forms to your entries, and Continuations, please refer to the Instant Text Help by clicking on the ? above the active Glossary List.  

You may also want to download the Instant Text manual.

Tech support is available by phone: 781-272-3200 ext 2 or via email:

Last modified 24 February 2013