Instant Text 9 Pro Installation

As a foreword, let us say that the installation of Instant Text 9 leaves any former Instant Text installation intact, making it easy to return to the former version if you wish to.

Instant Text 9 is installed in a completely separate folder called InstantTextEXP and leaves the InstText or InstantTextWNP folders of previous versions unchanged.

Step 1: Download the installer:

To download the installer, please click on the following link and then click on Save or Run.

Run the installer and follow the instructions on the screen.

When you are asked if you want to add an icon on the Desktop:

please click Yes .

After installing the program, double-click the IT 9 Pro icon on your desktop:

If you have an ongoing Instant Text subscription, you will not require a new activation code.

Else, the Instant Text 9 Pro Activation dialog will pop up, allowing you to request a trial activation code.

Step 2: Migration:

When you first run IT9, it will eventually detect that you have ITV, IT7 or IT8 installed on your computer.

Click on OK. All your settings of the previous Instant Text installation will be copied over to IT9.

And all your existing glossaries (.glo) will be copied to the InstantTextEXP\Glossary folder and then converted to the new xml format (.xglo).

Step 3: You are in business!

You are now in Business! Ready to discover all the goodies of IT9! :-)