Add Glossary Entry

The quickest way to add a new glossary entry is to highlight the text you want to add, type Alt = and finally Enter to close the dialog.

Add Glossary Entry

Pressing the Alt = Add Glossary Entry Hotkey tells Instant Text to do the following actions:

  1. copy the selected text,

  2. open the Add Glossary Entry dialog,

  3. Paste the selected text into the Expansion editor.

  4. The Short form editor is automatically prefilled according to the defined Short Form Rules.

If the short form is what you want, type Enter to close the dialog.

You’ve just created a glossary entry in two keystrokes with Alt = and Enter and added it to the Current Glossary.

Otherwise, you can edit the short form. You can also edit the entry itself by typing Shift Tab to get to the Expansion editor. Typing Tab will propose a new short form, using the current contents. Again, typing Enter or clicking on the OK button closes the dialog, and adds the new entry to the glossary.

If you want the entry to be displayed in the Expansion Table with different text than the one to be expanded, you can use the Display Form for that purpose.

Using the Add Glossary Entry Menu, you can add more than text to your expansions.

Add a Formatted Entry

The quickest way to add a formatted entry is to highlight the formatted text you want to add:

and press the Ctrl Alt = Add Formatted Entry Hotkey which produces the Paste Rich Text command with the corresponding Rich Text for you: