Client Context

Instant Text always keeps track of the Current Client Application you are working with.

At a more detailed level, Instant Text also keeps track of the following windows:

Client Context

Client Context Sensitivity

Instant Text is client‑context‑sensitive.

It means Instant Text adapts whenever the Client Context changes.

You can customize the interaction between Instant Text and a client application in the Client Configurator.

Some customizations are also done under the hood. Whenever:

Instant Text will remember these settings as your preferred settings for the current client context and apply these settings back when you switch again to the same context.

With a little bit of experience you will see that it is cool to have different settings for different client applications.

Note that for some client applications Instant Text can even remember your preferred Spacing and Capitalization settings for each window inside the client application.

This is only possible if the designers of the client application have assigned distinct window classes to the various windows of their application. Else Instant Text has no way to distinguish the different windows inside the same client application.

For example in Notepad, it is cool to have Spacing and Capitalization on in the main window and have it off in the Save As window where you don't want Instant Text to add space or capitalize when you type the period of the file extension.