Continuations come as a bonus. Instant Text is often able to suggest continuations that are most likely to follow the last two words most recently entered. Selection of a continuation is done the same way as for expansions by typing a Marker key. In case you use the space bar to expand, you need to use the line number selection followed by a space, to expand the continuation on the chosen line.

The last two words most recently entered can be words that you typed in full, or words that come from the expansion of an abbreviation or the selection of a previous continuation.

Displaying continuations

Continuations are displayed by default. They can be disabled in the Expansion Options.


In the following example we assume that we are using our Contract glossary.

After typing ico, the expansion table displays:

Let us expand the highlighted expansion in consideration of by typing the ; marker.

The Expansion Table now displays the most likely continuations for in consideration of:

So we select again the first expansion by typing the ; marker.

And the Expansion Table now contains continuations for in consideration of the mutual:

and likewise, after selecting the first row, another list of continuations will be suggested:

and so on... You may end up having typed:


and obtain the expansion:

In consideration of the mutual covenants and other good and valuable consideration

This did not require us to remember any abbreviation and the choices were made step by step at the speed of a glimpse (which is quite fast). Note that this represents a great reduction of keystrokes.