Edit Glossary Includes

While Instant Text makes it very easy to switch between glossaries, it is often desirable to combine several glossaries into one, to be able to access all their entries without needing to switch.

Includes provide a simple way to combine glossaries, while keeping the constituent glossaries separate.

Clicking on the Includes button in the Glossary Viewer opens an Edit Glossary Includes dialog for the currently viewed glossary:

A table with all combined glossaries is displayed:

As a result of this combination, the edited glossary contains:

Including glossaries

You can add several glossaries to include by clicking the Add button, which opens a File Open dialog where you can select multiple glossary files. Note that the added glossaries are appended to the bottom.

Unincluding glossaries

To uninclude a glossary, select it and click the Delete button, or press the Delete key.

Order of Includes

The order of includes matters as combined glossary entries with identical short forms will be ordererd accordingly.

The order can be rearranged using the Up and Down buttons.

Coloring Includes

You can color an include by selecting it and clicking the Change Color button:

You either pick a color from one of the color wheels or click the More Colors button.

The chosen color is used as background color to display all entries that stem from the corresponding include, when displaying the combined glossary entries in the Glossary Viewer Entry Table.

Note that by default the shell glossary has a white background color. This color can be changed in the Glossary Viewer Colors Options.