Expansion Options

The Expansion page lets you configure the Expansion features.

Expansion Options

Expansion Display

It is highly recommended to allow skipping letters inside short forms, immediately after the first character. This option enables you to reach an expansion even if you have skipped letters of its short form, eliminating thereby the need to memorize exact abbreviations.

Expansion Triggers

Here you can specify the Expansion Triggers you want to use, to expand the highlighted expansion in the Expansion Table.


Suggest Continuations

Check this checkbox if you want Instant Text to suggest Continuations to what you type or expand.

Minimum Words Before Continuation

You can use this option to set the minimum number of words Instant Text should use as context for suggesting continuations. If you set this value higher, you will have fewer continuations, but they will likely be more plausible. This number must be between 2 and 5.

Minimum Continuation Length

You can use this option to set a minimum number of characters for displayed continuations. This number must be between 1 and 16.