Expansion Table

The Expansion Table displays the Expansion List, the list of the most plausible expansion candidates for the abbreviation you typed. It is is the central visual element of Instant Text.

Expansion Table

The Short and Expansion columns respectively display the short and display forms of the expansion candidates.

On the Way to the Expansion

If the expansion you are looking for, is not yet displayed in the Expansion Table, it is recommended to type more letters, as adding more letters to the abbreviation is very likely to narrow the number of expansion candidates.

When you can't think of any more characters to add, you may also Scroll the Expansion List. It allows you to page through the Expansion List, in case it has more expansion candidates than can be displayed by the Expansion Table.

Once the expansion you are looking for, is displayed in the Expansion Table, it is within easy reach:

Moving the Highlight

There are several ways to move the highlight, inside the Expansion Table.

Typing a Line Number

The easiest way to highlight a given expansion line, is to type its line number.

Typing More Letters

By adding more letters to the abbreviation, you can narrow down the choice, until the desired expansion appears highlighted on the first line. The coloring of the remaining characters may help you choose the relevant characters.

Refine Pick Lists or Continuations with Initial

When Pick List Items or Continuations are displayed, you can narrow down the choice to those starting with a given letter, by typing that initial letter.

Using the Expansion Table Highlight Hotkeys

You can move the highlight with the Expansion Table Highlight Hotkeys:

Note that you need to make sure that Sticky Keys are disabled in the Windows Ease of Access Center.

Using the Mouse

A mouse click on the desired line, highlights it and expands it, in one step.

On a pen system, it is the fastest way, simply tap the desired line.

Fast Access to Glossary Entries

Sometimes you will look at the Expansion Table, and you will see an entry that you want to

In this case simply right‑click the corresponding expansion table line to open the Glossary Viewer with the displayed glossary entry selected in the Glossary Viewer Entry Table.

Or press the Alt Shift = View Hightlighed Expansion Hotkey after having moved the hightlight to the entry of your choice.