Expansion Triggers

One early decision to make, when you start using Instant Text, is how you want to trigger expansions.

Choosing Marker Keys or Expander Keys

When you have typed an abbreviation, and the expansion you are looking for is highlighted in the Expansion Table, you may trigger it with two distinct types of Trigger Keys:

For example, if we have typed iac for in any case then typing iac; will yield:

Marker Keys provide a more powerful method of working with Instant Text. They give you a better control on when to expand, making accidental expansions less likely.

With Expander Keys, unless you type the exact short form, you will always need to use the line number selection to select the entry you want to expand. With Marker Keys you can often spare this extra‑step.

Continuations are also easier to expand with Marker Keys

So unless you are already very committed to habits developed while using another expansion program, we highly recommend to expand using Marker Keys.