Glossary Viewer Entry Table

The Glossary Viewer Entry Table displays the entries of the glossary you are currently viewing:

Glossary Viewer Entry Table

The highlighted entry of the Glossary Viewer Entry Table is displayed with a surrounding rectangle:

Viewer Entry Table Highlighted Entry

The highlighted entry can be edited

All the operations (Edit, Delete, Move, Transfer) that can be applied to the highlighted entry, can also be accessed via the Glossary Viewer Edit menu. A further alternative is the contextual menu that pops up when you right-click an entry:

Viewer Entry Table Contextual Menu

Entries from included glossaries appear with a colored background:

Included Entry

When the highlighted entry is an included entry, you may open the glossary it stems from, by pressing F7 or by selecting the Open Include menu item of the contextual menu that pops up upon right‑clicking the entry.