Hotkey Glossary

A Hotkey Glossary defines a set of expansions triggered simply by pressing a key or a key combination.

A Hotkey Glossary Entry consists of:

Hotkey Glossary Entries are never displayed in the Expansion Table.

The Hotkey Glossary Shell

The Hotkey Glossary Shell is the Hotkey Glossary that contains all active hotkeys: in order for a Hotkey Glossary to be active, it needs to be included in the Hotkey Glossary Shell.

The Hotkey Glossary Shell has a fixed location and a reserved name: Glossary\#Hotkeys.xglo

Viewing the Hotkey Glossary Shell

You can view and edit the Hotkey Glossary Shell in the Glossary Viewer using the View Hotkey Glossary menu item of the Glossary Menu.

Deactivating the Hotkey Glossary Shell

You can deactivate the Hotkey Glossary Shell, and thereby turn off hotkeys completely, by using the Deactivate Hotkey Glossary menu item of the Glossary Menu.

A Note on Hotkeys inside Expansions

When linked to a Client Application, whenever you press a hotkey that is defined in your Hotkey Glossary, Instant Text preempts it and immediately produces the specified expansion. For example, when you press the Alt = Add Glossary Entry Hotkey, Instant Text opens the Add Glossary Entry window.

Note however that when Instant Text produces {Alt =} as a command inside an expansion it lets the Client Application interpret Alt =.

Instant Text does not interpret keystrokes it produces, only keystrokes you type.