Line Number Selection

The easiest way to highlight an Expansion Table Line among the top 10 is to simply type the corresponding line number digit. As a convention the digit 0 is used for line 10.

So let us assume, you typed ms and the Expansion Table displays the following expansion candidates:

Line Number Selection Example

Typing the digit 5 will highlight the 5th line with multiple sclerosis, which you will then be able to expand with a Trigger Key.

As you can see, the Line Number Selection is a very powerful way to highlight a displayed expansion candidate. There are good chances, you will end up using this mechanism very often.

Ambiguous cases

The presence of digits in short forms can sometimes lead to ambiguous cases, where typing a digit raises the following questions:

  1. Was the digit typed as part of an abbreviation?
  2. Or was it typed to highlight the corresponding line?

As Instant Text is not able to guess, it prioritizes the first option:

Upon typing a digit, Instant Text displays expansions in the following order:

  1. First, expansions that match the abbreviation ending with the digit,
  2. Then, expansions on the line identified by the digit and on the following ones.

Consider, for example, the case where typing ms yields the following expansion candidates:

Line Number Selection ambiguous case

To reach may still try this, you will likely be tempted to type 5, thinking that it will highlight the 5th line, but will end up with muscle strength is 5/5 instead: Line Number Selection ambiguous case

No big deal, just type 2 and the Line Number Selection is now unambiguous:

Line Number Selection unambiguous
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