Typo Glossary

A Typo Glossary defines a set of typos that you want Instant Text to correct.

A Typo Glossary Entry consists of:

Unlike Expansion Glossary Entries, Typos are never displayed in the Expansion Table.

Typo corrections can be triggered by any non-alphanumeric character regardless of your Expansion Triggers.

Typos are mainly used for correcting unintentional typos. The following typo for example:

Typo Correction



ensures that typing teh followed by a space will automatically be corrected into the followed by a space.

Typos can also be used to have Instant Text automatically correct the case of a word you typed in lowercase, so that you don't have to bother using the Shift key. Here are some example of lazy shift typos:

Typo Correction







Finally, you can also use typos for some expansions that are so hardwired in your brain, that you don't see the need to display them in the Expansion Table and expand them explicitly using a marker key. In the following examples, we use typos as expansions:

Typo Correction


blood pressure



Be careful, nevertheless, not to overuse typos for expansions that would rather belong to your Expansion Glossaries of the Glossary List.

The Typo Glossary Shell

The Typo Glossary Shell is the Typo Glossary that contains all active typos: in order for a Typo Glossary to be active, it needs to be included in the Typo Glossary Shell.

The Typo Glossary Shell has a fixed location and a reserved name: Glossary\#Typos.xglo

Viewing the Typo Glossary Shell

You can view and edit the Typo Glossary Shell in the Glossary Viewer using the View Typo Glossary menu item of the Glossary Menu.

Deactivating the Typo Glossary Shell

You can deactivate the Typo Glossary Shell, and thereby turn off typos completely, by using the Deactivate Typo Glossary menu item of the Glossary Menu.