Marker Selection

The Marker selection menu item of the Options Menu opens the Options Markers page that lets you specify the Markers used for Word abbreviations and Phrase abbreviations and which keys to use as Phrase expanders. You can select the keys directly or use one of the two options buttons for default options.

Instant Text Default Marker Options

The default Instant Text options use:

No key is used as a Phrase expander.

Classic Expander Key Options

Classic options are similar to what is used by DOS expanders such as PRD. With classic options, the following keys are used as expander keys:




















In addition:

Changing Marker Assignments

Clicking on any cell selects or deselects the key of that row for the assignment of its column: Word Marker, Phrase Marker, or Phrase Expander. If the row is gray, the key is unused.

Space, Enter, and Tab are either unused or used as Phrase expanders.

Note that Instant Text requires at least one Word marker and one Phrase marker.