Phrase Entry

In the following example, we are adding a Phrase Entry to the Current Glossary using the Add Glossary Entry window:

Long Form

The Long form of a Phrase Entry is the text to produce, when expanding an abbreviation for that entry.

Short Form

The Short form is the key factor that differentiates Phrase Entries from Word Entries:

Note that, while it is natural to define phrases as Phrase Entries, you may also define words as Phrase Entries.

Display Form

The Display form of a Phrase Entry is the text that gets displayed in the Phrase Advisory when the corresponding entry is proposed as an expansion candidate. In our example we use this feature to draw the attention on her, in order to easily distinguish this phrase from the similar phrase with his instead of her:

The Display form is optional, if you don't define one the Long form is displayed.

Abbreviating a Phrase Entry

For Phrase Entries:

An abbreviation for a Phrase Entry requires the following:

In our example this allows abbreviations such as:

Abbreviation Short form







Note that abbreviations skipping letters of the Short form, as tpha in our example, are not supported if you expand with the space bar.