Single-Letter Abbreviations

The Singles menu item of the Options Menu opens the Options Singles page that lets you specify the glossary to use for expansion of single-letter abbreviations.

Single-Letter Abbreviations Glossary

You can specify any singles glossary of your choice or one of the two default glossaries:


Single-letter medical abbreviations.
This contains the most frequent medical words.


General default singles glossary.
This contains the most frequent English words.

You can also start with one of these default glossaries and modify it to reflect the words (or even phrases) that you use most frequently. Other glossaries for singles of other languages can also be selected, for example, Single_Fr.glo for French, and Single_De.glo for German.

Singles Lines

You can specify the number of lines of single-letter abbreviations displayed in the Word advisory. To turn off single-letter abbreviations, use the value 0.

The number of lines for single-letter abbreviations must be between 0 and 20

Display Singles in Phrase Advisory

If this option is checked, single-letter abbreviations are displayed in the Phrase advisory.

Use Expanders for Singles

If this option is checked, phrase expander keys also apply for single-letter abbreviations.