Instant Text Mobile Reviews

Instant Text Mobile — Word Completion And Much More!

by Tanker Bob

Tanker Bob's PDA Page, May 2005.

Instant Text Mobile's design centers on how you think and write. It can be as simple or as deep as you like. It can simply complete words as you write. Or, you can use your knowledge of what you will write next to leverage Instant Text Mobile's smart search engine to dramatically cut your actual writing time and effort. All you ever need to know is what you are about to write!

Word completion is simplicity itself. Just start writing and Instant Text Mobile suggests words based on what you've written so far. It can be set as to how many letters to wait before guessing and how many suggestions to present. Instant Text Mobile displays its speed and intelligence even at this level, as it not only matches the words, but always tries to present the word suggestions so as not to cover the cursor area.

Instant Text Mobile allows you to have multiple word lists, called glossaries, so that you may tailor its suggestions to the topic of your writing. For instance, if you write medical information, a medical glossary will provide more pertinent suggestions than a general word list, especially for very long words. The same would be true for law, engineering, or any writing with a specialized vocabulary. You can add words to, combine, and even import other programs' word lists to Instant Text Mobile's glossaries. Instant Text Mobile's power displays itself from using normal, daily vocabulary to the most complex specialties.

But let's face it; medicine contains a lot of "hyper-" words. You'd have to write a lot of letters to get a good suggestion. However, all other word completion software abandons you at this point—but not Instant Text Mobile!

Instant Text Mobile uses pattern-matching intelligence to guess words based on letters they contain, not just those with which they start. This jump-ahead approach empowers the user to find long words based on any letters they contain anywhere in the word For example, just writing "hpk" in the illustration brings up suggestions of words that possess those characters, cutting the number of characters you must write to get these suggestions by at least 50%! Yet it is just as simple for you to get this power as it was to use simple word completion. Just write a few letters that uniquely characterize the word you seek and Instant Text Mobile's jump-ahead intelligence does the rest. All you ever need to know is what you are about to write.

But that's not all…What works for words also works for phrases. You can write any combinations of letters in a phrase and Instant Text Mobile will instantly find it in the current glossary. You can use acronyms like "ynt" for "you need to" or just use letters contained in the phrase you seek. In the example, you wrote three characters to obtain desired phrases of 11 to 17 characters. No other mobile program does anything like this, and yet Instant Text Mobile requires nothing of you other than knowing what you already know—the letters that you would write next.

The ultimate power comes when combining the word and phrase searches together. This example shows writing just two letters to get six pertinent suggestions of up to 13 characters. Notice also that the cursor area remains visible.

The power of Instant Text Mobile lies in the simplicity of it use as much as in the intelligence behind the curtain. You don't have to know how it works or learn a new system, you just have to know the letters that you are about to write.

About the author: Tanker Bob is the host of Tanker Bob's PDA Page and a frequent reviewer for MobileTechReview.