Custom Glossaries

Why Custom Glossaries are needed

Custom glossaries are another part of the answer to getting efficient use of abbreviations: Instant Text allows you to work with several glossaries at the same time.

To understand why this is needed, consider the use of the letters not as an abbreviation. In a medical report this could abbreviate the phrase numbness or tingling. But it could stand for Notice of Termination in a contract or just for none of the in ordinary prose...

Clearly, unless we limit the subject being covered, we can end up with hundreds of phrases that abbreviate to not and this would hardly be usable. This is one of these cases where having more is not necessarily better: you'll work more efficiently by having only the phrases that are relevant to the current context.

The Instant Text solution is to do an automatic glossary compilation to produce glossaries that cover different subjects.

Then, when you type, you work with several active glossaries that reflect the subjects you are dealing with. The highlighted one is the current glossary which is used to expand abbreviations as you type.

Switching to another current glossary is instantaneous and you can easily do it as you alternate between different subjects. There is also an easy way to combine several glossaries into one. (See Glossary Includes.)

Now to glossary compilation...