Glossary Compilation

Compile a glossary for each subject

Instant Text can create glossaries for a specific subject by analyzing all words and phrases that appear in documents dealing with the subject.

This process is called Glossary compilation and is entirely automatic. It allows you to obtain glossaries that reflect the subjects on which you are writing, with their frequent terms and phrases.

For example, you may ask Instant Text to analyze the files of a folder that contains contracts to compile a Contract glossary. Similarly, the files of a folder of medical reports, to produce a glossary of frequent words and phrases in the medical specialty these reports cover.

Glossary compilation is a very fast process on modern machines: It only takes a few seconds to create thousands of glossary entries. So this is something that you can do very easily every time you need to cover a new subject or specialty. In addition, you can easily control how it works: for example, you can set thresholds to retain only words that appear with a certain frequency.

Each specialty with its own custom glossary:

You benefit by using all your past correspondence, all your past work, and all your past thinking to speed up your typing in the future.