Overview of Instant Text

The fastest way from thought to type!

Instant Text allows very fast text entry

You may have dreamed of producing documents as fast as you can think — Now, Instant Text brings you closer to that dream by letting you abbreviate almost everything you type. Simply use a few letters to instantly write complete words, phrases, and entire paragraphs!

Reuse your existing documents — Automatically

By reading and analyzing your existing documents, Instant Text will automatically create glossaries of your most frequently used words and phrases, which can then be typed over and over again using just simple abbreviations.

No memorization required

With Instant Text you never have to remember an abbreviation, you simply try what you think — Just type and see!

Actually continues writing for you!

Since Instant Text knows what you've typed in the past, it can actually predict what you're going to type next. It's true, Instant Text will suggest the most likely phrases to come after what you just typed in.

How Instant Text works

Read on to discover what makes all of this possible:

Finally, this overview concludes by a review of:

All of this is doable while working with your favorite word processor. Once familiar with Instant Text, a slow typist will type comfortably fast. A fast one could type faster than speech.

A few hours of practice is the only requirement.