The API for the FitalyKeyboard

How to Command the Fitaly Keyboard
from Your Application

The Application Programming Interface (API) for the Fitaly Keyboard allows you to command the position and appearance of the Fitaly keyboard from your application.

The API is supplied as a DLL (dynamic link library), which can be called by your application. For example, you can call functions and procedures of the DLL to do the following:

For Pen Computer applications, this allows the Fitaly on-screen keyboard to be integrated with your application. Your application can decide when to show or hide the Fitaly and where it should appear.

For example, your application can automatically position the Fitaly keyboard at the top of the screen for input in the bottom part and at the bottom of the screen for input at the top. Similarly, it can decide to show the numbers for entering numeric data and hide them for pure text.

Licensing — Ordering

The license for the API for Fitaly can be purchased for a one-time fee. This allows the use of the API dll on machines already licensed to use the Fitaly keyboard for Windows.

Call us for pricing information.

More Information

See the Reference Manual for the Fitaly API for a description of the API functions and procedures, and an example of its use.

Last modified 12 March 2004.