The API for Instant Text

How to Use Instant Text as the
Abbreviation Engine for your Applications

The Application Programming Interface (API) for Instant Text allows you to use Instant Text as an abbreviation expansion engine for your applications.

The API is supplied as a DLL (dynamic link library), which can be called by your application to control all aspects of Instant Text. For example, you can call functions and procedures of the API to do the following:

For Desktop Applications, this also allows development of an integration level that may go even beyond what is already offered for word processors such as MS Word or WordPerfect.

Interactive applications such as Help Desk Applications may use the API to dynamically select different glossaries according to the needs of the text box currently receiving input. For example, if different glossaries are used for problem description and problem resolution, the selection can be done programmed with the API.

For Pen Computer applications, this allows Instant Text and the Fitaly on-screen keyboard to be integrated with your application. Input can be achieved with the Fitaly keyboard and you can use the pen in your application to generate text by abbreviations which depend on the context: the current part of your application.

Licensing — Ordering

The license for the API for Instant Text can be purchased for a one-time fee. This allows the use of the API dll on machines already licensed to use Instant Text.

Call us for pricing information.

More Information

See the Reference Manual for the API for Instant Text for a description of the API functions and procedures, and several examples of its use.

Last modified 12 March 2004.