On-Screen Palm Fitaly Keyboard

Fifty Words Per Minute On Your Palm

The On-Screen Palm Fitaly Keyboard is a version of Fitaly that works on black & white Palm devices.

On-Screen Palm Fitaly floats over applications, dodging the cursor, and allowing you to tap in several fields of an address without having to close and reopen the keyboard for each field.


System Requirements

On-Screen Palm Fitaly works on all black & white versions of the Palm Pilot, the Palm III Series, the Palm V Series, and the Palm VII Series, using Palm OS version 2, 3, or 4.

In addition, the Fitaly keyboard works on compatible machines such as the HandSpring Visor and TRGPro.

On color devices, you need to use FitalyStamp instead of On-Screen Fitaly.

Download On-Screen Palm Fitaly

On-Screen Palm Fitaly can be downloaded at this link.

Licensing — Freeware

On-Screen Palm Fitaly is now released as a freeware, which you may freely use, copy, and give to others, subject to the terms of the Fitaly license.

When you install Fitaly, it will appear initially as a time-limited demo. You can use the universal registration code FITALY-35284500 to unlock the demo. Once unlocked, the software becomes usable without any time limitation.

More Information

See the rationale for Fitaly for an explanation of what makes the layout so efficient for one-finger or stylus text entry. See also the Fitaly Overview, and the Fitaly 2 Release Notes.

Several electronic forums are maintained for Fitaly users, with thousands of messages discussing best ways to use the product as well as future improvements. See in particular, the Fitaly Forum.

Last modified 4 January 2005.