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half cells

A pick-list lets you control whether to use Half-Cells or Full-Cells on the punctuation panel. If you choose to use half-cells, you get punctuation marks by tapping in the upper triangles and digits by tapping in the lower triangles.

If you select Full-Cells, you can decide whether Digits or Punctuation marks are obtained directly by tapping. If Digits are direct, punctuation marks are obtained by sliding, and vice versa.

digit slide


Sliding Options

Sliding options

You can decide to use sliding

  • for custom slides
  • for capitalization only
  • or not at all

The second panel allows you to define your sliding metrics. Slides that are shorter than the sliding distance are interpreted as normal taps. When you slide on a key, all possible choices for that key in that direction are displayed in a preview window. As you slide, the highlight moves to your choice and you let go to select it. The slide step is the additional distance you need to slide from one choice to the next. 

The preview window position can be either centered with regards to the key down tap or optimized for right or left-hand use.

With the Slide to choice option for North slides you can slide north until your pen reaches your selection regardless of your slide metrics.


Expander Options

Expander options You can decide if you want expansions or not by checking or unchecking the Suggest after check box.

If you decide to have expansions you can decide how many letters of your abbreviations you want to tap before the expander makes suggestions coming from the glossary you have loaded.

If you check Display choices always top-down, words and phrases will be displayed in the same order as in the Fitaly Editor. Otherwise the first choice will be displayed at the nearest position to minimize pen travel. If the preview is displayed above Fitaly, the choices, in this case, will be displayed in the reverse order of the Fitaly Editor.

The Space after expansion option lets you decide if you want a space to be appended after each expansion. Note that if your glossary entry already ends with a space or if it ends with a macro, no space will be added.


Visual Options

Visual options

Four keyboard sizes are now offered: 

  • Finger size
  • Large size
  • Medium size
  • Small size

You can select to have the side bar either on the right side or on the left.

You can set the numeric keypad of the 123 panel to phone or calculator layout.

You can select whether shifted letters should show as such on the keyboard.

Fitaly's current screen coordinates are shown and can be adjusted.




Normally, keys of the letter panel are sent at pen down, as this is faster. Alternatively, you can choose to have them sent at pen up, which may be needed for some applications doing word-completion.

You can choose Key repeat if you want a key to be repeated when you tap and hold it. The Repeat delay lets you configure how fast you want the key to be repeated.

On some devices the key highlights can barely be seen because the delay between the highlight down and the highlight up is simply too short. This can be adjusted by setting the minimum key highlight time without slowing down your typing. The minimum highlight time can vary from 50 milliseconds when it is set at the short end to 90 milliseconds at the long end.


About Panel

About The About panel shows the version of Fitaly and the Built date.



The demo version is fully functional and can be used freely. The demo will cease to operate after ten days, after which you can get another ten-day evaluation period by uninstalling and reinstalling the demo.
After registration, you can enter the code generated for the User name you have chosen in the Registration panel, and click on the Registration button. The software becomes a registered version without any time limitation.

Fitaly registration can be ordered from the Tablet PC order page.

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