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Fitaly 5 Applicability

Fitaly 5 for the Tablet PC works on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 2000.


Fitaly Software Setup

Download the Tablet PC Fitaly 5 installer and run it.

The installer creates a Fitaly Tablet PC folder on your Tablet PC including
the documentation files, the slide files, glossaries, bitmaps, as well as the
License agreement.


Notes on Upgrading

Run the installer which will preserve your former settings and your custom slides.


Un-Installing Fitaly

To uninstall Fitaly, run the UndoFitaly.exe file in the Fitaly Tablet PC folder.


Fitaly 5 User Manual

Read the attached User Manual for a description of what you can do with Fitaly.


License Information

The use of Fitaly is subject to a License Agreement which applies to registered versions as well as to demo versions of the software.


Contacting Textware Solutions

Address: Textware Solutions
58 Lexington Street
Burlington, MA 01803
Email: info@fitaly.com
Web: www.fitaly.com
Support: support@fitaly.com

User Manual
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