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Welcome to the MS Word for Medical Transcription forum.

Here are a few tips for finding quick solutions to your Word questions.

First, Use Find. Before posting a question, please use the Find feature to search for previous posts that may already solve your specific problem. Specify a large number of days, like 500, in the posting range.

Also, Look at the Articles by Cheryl Flanders and Laura Bryan: the solution may already be documented in one of these articles, in which case, you won't have to wait for an answer.

Use a Descriptive Title in the Subject line to make it easy for others to use the Find feature: Avoid titles like "Another question" and "Help!" which offer no help. Please use the General category when posting.

Specify Your Versions of Word and Windows when asking questions. Oftentimes the solution to a problem depends upon these versions.

You Can Edit your message by clicking on the Edit link at the end of the message page. Please, no "oops" followup messages...