Concentrate on Phrases

Words are like Wildcards

Use markers, if you can

Markers versus Space bar

Mixing the Old and the New

Reading versus Recognizing


How line numbers work

Two-Word Phrase Entries

Word Entries and the Workshop

Disambiguating two-word phrases

New Word Ordering


Many styles...

No case-sensitive short forms

No limit to glossary includes


MS Word Undercounts...

Associate .glo with WordPad

Best continuations from compiling

To get continuations, compile...

They all repeat the same things


You may use dynamic sort

Do not empty Shorts.glo

"san" is coming from Shorts.glo


Starting IT by a Word Macro

Word Macro for Pause

Command Entry for Formatting in WP

Converting WP address files

IT does what PRD does and more...


Your profile says...

You have a point there

Schools should teach expanders

Thanks to Julius Rosenwald...

Other articles...