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TIP: How to do the equivalent of Pause

TIP: How to Backup or Copy Glossaries

TIP: Moving IT to a New Computer

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Two ways to do a Bold entry

Formatted Entries use RTF code

Do Subscripts with Formatted Entries

End formatted entries with the default style

Expansion should not end with bold


Keeping hyphenated words together


Shorts.Glo, if you expand with the space bar

Use a marker for continuations


Choosing the best short forms for addresses

From Autocorrect to IT - The IT way

From AutoCorrect to Instant Text

From PRD to Instant Text


What to put in the Glossary List

More about the Glossary List


I never glance at both advisories

Sharon, Jon: Why not use Word Entries?


Use the Ages Glossary

Do a "sig" entry for your signature


You may be able to use Formulas

Use Glossary Workshop to repair glossary

How to Setup Corel 8 to print as WP 5.1

Open Two WordPads to cut-and-paste

Two ways to do multipe deletions