Fitaly 5 for the Pocket PC - Final version

We are very pleased to announce the final version of Fitaly 5 for the Pocket PC.

Installing Version 5

You can download the Pocket PC Fitaly 5 version and save it to your computer.

For a first time installation just run the installer.
After installation on some devices a soft reset may be needed before Fitaly can be used.

To reinstall over a previous version of Fitaly, following steps are required:

  1. Select another input method as Startup IM in the Fitaly Options Operations tab.
  2. Do a soft reset
  3. Run the installer.
  4. Some devices require another soft reset after installation before Fitaly can be used.
It is recommended not to install Fitaly on a storage card.

Existing custom slide files will not be modified by this installer. However, to be on the safe side, always create backup copies of your custom slide files before installing a new version of Fitaly.

What is new in Version 5

The following list shows the improvements made in version 5:

Versions - Technical Forum - Support

Pocket PC Fitaly Forum

As usual, for specific questions or when you need help, please email

Pocket PC Fitaly Demo
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Pocket PC Fitaly Forum

Last modified June 22, 2008